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Madera High School Class of 1989

Steve Villata

Email address:

Residence (city, state): Fresno, CA

Home page URL (optional):

College: UC Santa Cruz

Major: Legal Studies / Politics

Degree: BA

Current Occupation: Logistics Coordinator (for feed commodity trading co.)

Previous Occupation: lots of cool things

Marital Status: married

Children: no way, not yet, but I have a dog

My favorite MHS teacher: hmmm.... Keith Whelan or Miss Sierra

My favorite high school subject: they were all ok I guess, no favorite

My worst high school subject: spanish

Favorite high school memory: skateboarding w/ Jason wong and friends

Worst high school memory: ?????

When I graduated, I wanted to... Go to law school and be an attorney,,, I think. I really don't remember.

If I only knew then, what I know now, I would've...Probably done it all the same, minus a few of the personal dramas.

In ten years, I predict I will be...pretty much the same....still look the same, act the same, feel the same. Except, I bet I'll have kids and a new dog. I'm pretty darn content, so I don't really see the need for any drastic changes in the next 10 years.

Other comments: If anyone ever wants to hang out and have a drink, I'm always down for some good food and cheap Merlot. And if anyone is ever planning to visit Thailand, feel free to contact me, and maybe I can be of some help. Oh, and if anyone is looking to get away, take a leave of absence, or just bored and wants to try something new, I know a school in a cool town in Thailand that is always looking for a cool new English teacher. You won't make much money (enough to get by over there) but its a pretty worthwhile experience.

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