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Madera High School Class of 1989

Melanie Olsen (Hughbanks)

Email address:

Residence (city, state): Mountain Home, ID

Home page URL (optional): N/A

College: UC Davis, CA

Major: Geology and English

Degree: Bachelor of Arts-Both

Current Occupation: Child Care

Previous Occupation: Child Care

Marital Status: Married

Children: A dog

My favorite MHS teacher: Kathy Sierra

My favorite high school subject: Biology

My worst high school subject: Calculus

Favorite high school memory: Friendships, graduation, football games and dances-sophomore year

Worst high school memory:

When I graduated, I wanted to... go to college, maybe major in something related to Psychology and drive a jeep.

If I only knew then, what I know now, I would've... studied a lot more.

In ten years, I predict I will be... living who knows where. Hopefully I will have a couple of children. I would like to have my own preschool facility someday also. It may take longer than 10 years though to realize that dream.

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