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Madera High School Class of 1989

Jenn Holiday

Email address:

Residence (city, state): Oakland, CA

Home page URL (optional): N/A

College: UCSB

Major: Sociology

Degree: BA

Current Occupation: Marketing Director

Previous Occupation: water polo pro

Marital Status: none

Children: none, 1 ferocious cat

My favorite MHS teacher: Ms. Rodriguez

My favorite high school subject: PE

My worst high school subject: Biology

Favorite high school memory: football games and the drive in

Worst high school memory: getting trashed as a freshman

When I graduated, I wanted to...get rich, HA! HA!

If I only knew then, what I know now, I would've...started saving

In ten years, I predict I will be...still skiing, still worshiping the sun gods, and still partying like a rock my house in Tahoe, of course.

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