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Madera High School Class of 1989

Anthony Da Rosa

Email address: none

Residence (city, state): Oakland, CA

Home page URL (optional):

College: Humboldt



Current Occupation:

Previous Occupation:

Marital Status:


My favorite MHS teacher:

My favorite high school subject:

My worst high school subject:

Favorite high school memory:

Worst high school memory:

When I graduated, I wanted to...

If I only knew then, what I know now, I would've...

In ten years, I predict I will be...

Other comments: Since High School I've...Hitch hiked in Hawaii, fell in love and got blitheringly drunk on Azoren Red Wine in Portugal. Walked bare foot across Humboldt Bay at lo tide - almost died. Hot springs tour of US...oh my the mammary glands. Caught by Coyote across the Rio Grande, Mexico side. On way back, custom agents wouldn't return my underwear. Apprenticed under Jim Dodge. Wrote Pultizer quality poetry, burned it and had a fine time pissing on the ashes with Jim. Descended into the depths of a volcano, nude, and proceeded to milk my uncle's holsteins. Ukiah, CA - city of 10,000 Buddha's monestary, acheived enlightenment with a beautiful cokehead and a hoho. Burned out on too many hippy love fests, trailer trash, women that glow, fast food alchemists and Las Vegas style smack...What's Next? I don't know.

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